How do I get the source code?
Around the 4th or 5th of each month, the source code is emailed out to every person pledging at the $10 tier or higher, as long as their payment cleared. If your payment was declined, or if you were pledging a lower amount when the payments were processed (usually the 1st of each month), you will not receive the email.

What format/language is the source code in?
The game is written (poorly) in Actionscript 3, using Flash CS6. You will need Flash CS6 to edit the game. The source files and source code are all provided as-is! I try to be helpful when people have questions, but the simple truth of the matter is that Rack is a mess, the source code is a mess, and as much as possible, I'm trying to focus on making newer, better games. In other words, I can't promise to help you, answer any questions, etc.

Am I allowed to make any money with this?
You may accept donations for your work in general, but you may not sell your modified version of the game, make specific changes to the game, or restrict access to your version of the game based on whether or not someone has financially supported you. Any modified version of the game that you create must be available, free to play in its entirety, online.

Where am I allowed to publish/share my modified version of the game?
Pretty much anywhere you want, as long as it is not hidden behind a paywall, and as long as you always make it very clear that you are publishing an unofficial, fan-made modification to the game. When possible, please link to Fek's furaffinity page (www.furaffinity.net/user/fek/) so people know where they can find the original.

Please don't spam sites like FA, e621, and u18 with every little change you make. I don't want people getting pissed off at me because modders keep clogging up their boards. Try to only publish significant updates, and try to keep them organized in a single thread, where applicable.

What am I NOT allowed to change?
Please don't change the legal warning screen or the title screen. You may add some graphics / text to the title screen to make your version of the game look unique, but you should not remove the list of supporters, the patreon button, or the warning that they are playing a modified, unofficial version of the game.

Am I allowed to share/rehost the source code?
If you work with a small team (like... 5 people or fewer), you are welcome to share it with your team for the purpose of working together on modifications to the game. It should always be shared in a way that is private and reasonable secure. Apart from that, I'd really prefer that it didn't get shared/rehosted. I know I can't stop you; I'm just asking nicely. I need food to live. :c

What kinds of things can I change? What can I add to the game?
Pretty much anything that's legal, but I reserve the right to ask you to stop / revoke your permission to use the source code if you end up doing something really obnoxious/inflammatory that makes me look bad.

Does this mean you won't be doing any more Rack updates?
Not sure. There's still a few things I'd like to add, but I'd also love to just focus on the sequel / other projects.

What sort of exclusivity/privacy/ownership do I have over the changes I make?
Everything you make is a derivative work of my copyrighted content. I'm giving you permission to modify, publish, and share your modifications to the game, but you do not own the game, you do not own the code, and I reserve the right to revoke your license at any time. I really, really don't plan on ever doing that, but I have to cover my ass in case one of you does something silly.

Will these terms ever change?
Maybe! I reserve the right to edit/update these terms at any time, for any reason, without notice. Your continued use of the source code is contingent upon your continued acceptance of the terms of service.

What if I cancel my pledge or edit it to a lower amount?
I won't make you pull anything offline if it's already been released, but I will ask that you cease development and don't publish anything new / any updates until you've re-pledged at the $10 tier. If you consistently dodge payments by cancelling or downgrading your pledge near the end of the month, then re-pledging at the $10 tier after payments have been processed, I will revoke your license.